At the centre of our community life, we find inspiration and connection through worship. It forms the foundation of our unity and our relationship with the divine, as well as with one another. Our services are thoughtfully designed to combine the cherished traditions of Anglican liturgy with modern elements that resonate with today's diverse community.

Our connection to worship goes beyond our Sunday gatherings; it's an integral part of our everyday existence. It's present in the hymns we sing, the heartfelt moments of reflection, and the care and support we share with one another.


We offer different styles of worship, so we’re sure you’ll discover a welcoming community at All Saints' in Melbourn and Holy Trinity in Meldreth.


Join us in offering prayer, praise and worship to our Lord.

Service Times


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Sustaining Prayer


Prayer is a heartfelt personal conversation with the Divine that speaks to the core of our being. In our church community, we provide a welcoming space for prayer, whether you join us during our gatherings, in smaller groups, or in your own moments of reflection. We also offer opportunities to share your prayer requests to be included in our intercession prayers, where we come together as a community to support one another in times of healing, need, and gratitude.


We invite you to be a part of this meaningful experience.


We understand that prayer is a deeply personal practice, and we embrace all forms of prayer, whether it's in silence, through spoken words, or expressed through song.

The Journey of Faith


Faith is a continuous journey rather than a fixed destination. At All Saints' and Holy Trinity, we're here to offer support, companionship, and spiritual nourishment at every point along your spiritual path.


Whether you're just beginning your exploration of faith or have walked this path for a long time, our programs and community events are intended to help you grow in your connection with God and with one another.